Spring 2024 Newsletter

Welcome to the Spring 2023 Bransgore Rotary Newsletter.
Spring is in sight, and we are looking forward to seeing the weather start to change as we get ready for the summer sun.

Our next event comes in May with the Annual Bransgore Rotary Fun Day. We have a fun and action packed programme taking place on the village playing fields from 1pm on the 6 th May, with a display of classic cars, cycle display team, childrens circus, the awesome challenge for kids and much more,
a beer tent, burgers, and many side stalls from the local organisations including our ever popular plate smashing stall and Bric a Brac. If you would like to take part by having a stall at the event or donating bric a brac please email us at: info@bransgorerotary.co.uk

On the 4th of August we look forward to having Folksy Theatre coming to perform “As You Like”. This is a wonderful Shakespearian comedy about life, love, betrayal, faith and death and is filled with a of touch of live music, bold characters, audience interaction and plenty of laughs. Bring along your picnics to enjoy this fun-filled production!

During the first two months of this year we have already supported local charities such as Community First Responders and Wessex Heartbeat. We are also active in supporting International rotary humanitarian principles. Some of the money raised from village Rotary events has been used to provide vital lifelines, food, and clean water to communities around the world affected by wars, volcanic activity, and severe flooding. We believe in strong action to defend and promote peace whilst supporting those suffering hardship by providing medical support and friendship wherever needed. We have recently donated to Tree aid – an African charity dedicated to support communities in dry land Africa, to grow trees, restore land, and transform lives.  Cooperatives are being set up to manage the effects of the climate crisis to stop more fertile soil being lost in the future years. In addition, money has been lent via an organisation called Lend with Care to enterprising individuals and families in The Philippines, Zambia, Malawi and Cambodia , who have requested help to secure and build a better future.

Winston Churchill reportedly said “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” For us Rotary is all about giving time and friendship. We are thankful this season for the new members who have joined us over recent months. As our membership grows and becomes more diverse, we are able to offer more to the community and charities that we support. This spring, if you want to find out more about what Bransgore Rotary is all about, get in touch!

As always, Thank you to all of you who support us to do what we do both locally, nationally and internationally to help those who need us.