Dictionaries for Life

Dictionaries 4 Life Project

This illustrated dictionary, published by Usborne, is a delightful aide to learning for children of all ages. As well as giving the meaning of thousands of words, it also provides excellent illustrations, as our photo demonstrates. The dictionary also gives readers an insight into the origins of the English Language, and information about different parts of speech. It normally retails at £14.99.

Every year Bransgore Rotary donates over 300 of these wonderful dictionaries to local year 4 children. In this digital age, working with dictionaries is still a part of the curriculum in primary schools, and it is clear during the process of presenting them and watching the youngsters exploring them, just how much pleasure they give. Dictionaries are given to each child for use while at school and at home. As the name implies it is theirs to keep and use throughout their life.

Feedback from one parent: “ My daughter hasn’t put the dictionary down since she received it”

What young people told us about their new dictionaries:

“I love them, they’re amazing. I am going to be using it every day.”
“They’re really good 🙂.”
“I love my one. I just used it for spellings.”
“They are so fun.”
“Dictionaryyyy!!!!!!!! 😆😆😆😆😆
“Thank you they are great 👍
“I’m really pleased with mine. I have used it a lot at home.😀😀😀😀😀😀

Photo reproduced from Usborne Illustrated English Dictionary by permission of Usborne
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